Wasabi Soy Almond Biscotti

So with fall here, the kids and I took out our “Things we are going to do this summer” lists (aka – bucket lists) to see if we accomplished everything we had set out to do on that cold winter day when we wrote them.

zola summer

We were able to accomplish every on our daughter’s list and more. Notice the last one….make biscotti. I love her! Our son however had grander visions and we were not able to knock everything off his list. For example, go surfing in Hawaii and stand on the Great Wall of China, were two we didn’t quite get to this summer and we’ll have to save for another time.

So I figured it was time to tackle a biscotti recipe that had been on my list and I planned to try long ago, but never quite got around to it. In fact I had planned to do it so long ago that the ingredients I bought were actually expired, but I made them anyway. Pleeeeaase, I know you’ve all eaten expired food at some point. Yet the expiration dates weren’t what freaked my family out…it was the actual ingredients.

I was told, “don’t do it!” I was advised against it in the strongest of language. I was told I was crazy. But I went against my better judgment and gave it a try…Wasabi Soy Almond Biscotti. Now I know what you are thinking…and you are right. They weren’t fabulous…or even close to fabulous for that matter.

After a few blind taste tests, because no one would really try them if I told them what was in it, I got some colorful feedback. So, I am not including the recipe here, but keeping it my list of ones to tweek. I am not giving up!