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The results are in. Over the weekend we all went to the Howard County Fair. We walked through ALL the cow barns, pet the lamas, heard the squealing pigs, and watched a woman fall of her horse. We (actually just my husband and the kids) rode the ferris wheel. If you know me, you know I am not a fan of amusement park rides and even the kiddie ones make my stomach queasy. Although I’ve ridden the tallest ferris wheel in the world in Kyoto, Japan, my husband always reminds me of the time he told the ferris wheel operator at the boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland to stop the ride while I had a panic attack.

After we stuffed ourselves with fair food, we approached the Home and Arts Building where I dropped off my biscotti a few days ago. The moment of truth. We searched the shelves for the biscotti, displayed in a clear plastic container with all the other cakes, cookies,and breads. And then we saw them…with a yellow fourth place ribbon secured to the top. My daughter yelled, “Mom, you won a ribbon! I’m so proud of you!” which she repeated all day. She was also very curious about where I was going to display my ribbon. She puts all her ribbons on her closet door handle and mentioned this might also be a good place for mine.

So, the biscotti lost out to Hungarian Lemon Poppy Seed Cookies, Russian Tea Cakes, and another cookie that remains a mystery to us. I’ll try again next year. After we looked at the other entries and the ages of the bakers, our daughter decided she would like to enter a cake next year. I’m looking forward to making that early morning trip to submit our entries together next summer.

Oh, did I mention…in the “ethnic cookie” category, there were only four submissions.


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